Sarah Paulhus


Android One


Android One desired a redesigned experience to more effectively promote multiple phones and drive users to learn more on partner brand websites (where they can buy these phones)— while continuing to educate visitors on the value of the Android platform. Customers come from a wide range of markets worldwide and need to understand which phones are available to them and what the benefits are.

Our solution was to maximize the hero space to more visually feature key brands and new phones, as well as introduce the Android One brand. One limitation of the site was that it had to stay as a single page- so below the hero we’ve added a section to highlight all phones available in the specific market. This could range from four phones to 25 phones, so this module needed to flexible. Additional specs can be seen in an overlay, as well as the opportunity to go to the brand’s site to purchase. Further below that is a deeper dive into the benefits and features of the Android platform that is standard amongst all phones featured.