Sarah Paulhus


Google Assistant


As Google increases their presence in the world of AI with the Google Assistant, their breadth of products and capabilities continues to grow as does the need for consumer education and marketing. Our small team of designers working on Google Assistant’s marketing website is continually looking for ways to improve customer understanding and confidence in the platform through real, everyday examples and storytelling. We got the opportunity to redesign Google Assistant to improve the learning experience, to improve technical performance of site, as well as to align it to the latest Google web standards.

Across all pages, we leaned on rich, people-focused lifestyle photography, and featured in-situ product imagery with real query examples so that users can better grasp how Assistant can help them throughout their day. The site was built with a library of components which helped speed up design and development time, as well as creating visual consistency. With the backend code overhaul, we optimized mobile user experience and improved overall performance of the site by 300%.